Can I Shoot Footage in Public without Consent?

Yes, you can take all the pictures you like as long as you take it on public ground. Inside shopping malls or other private areas, you'll usually need the permission of whoever owns the property.

Experience reports of other photographers mention that security guards can be over-reaching and demand pictures not to be taken or deleted without legal ground.

Can I publish Photos taken of Strangers without Consent?

Not if they're not a celebrity or part of a gathering, a group or the main subject of a picture.

As soon as you pay somebody for their portrait you are free to publish it, a bit like a model/painter relation. However, it is recommended to get a signed model release, since proving you paid somebody for their portrait can be as troublesome as proving an oral contract.

Can I use Street Photos commercially?

No, you'll need a signed model release by the subject. There seems to be no special exemption for art, but as soon as a subject is paid you usually have permission to use their portrait commercialls as well.

Can anyone demand to see my camera or force me to delete my photo?

As long as you take your photos in a public place, no. Public property is not always 100% clear to identify, but if you're on a public square or the sidewalk you you're usually on public property.

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