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General Guidelines:

To make sure we can keep a high quality of content, please read and follow below guidelines. If all of the below is too techie, you can send us any contributions (either your local country laws or a translation) by email to: or write us on facebook.

Directory Structure

The repository is structured by law, country category of legislation and language like so:

  • laws
    • Denmark
    • Germany

Research Your Edits

Even though this site is not official legal advice, we aim to be a s precise as possible by both citing laws and previous court cases including their rulings. This is because a lot of countries have precedence influenced justice systems where a law gets applied by judges and the history of previous cases can matter to the interpretation of the law.

Link to your sources, government law pages preferred, and keep the source of information transparent.

Apply Meta Fields

When editing some of the files you'll see there are some additional fields on top of the text. This format is called frontmatter and is used to display titles, last updated dates and to categorise the content to the correct

  • country
  • type of law
  • language

Please keep the frontmatter annotation intact and update where necessary. Here's an example:

---title: "Street Photography Laws in Austria"date: "2019-01-01" lastmod: "2019-01-01" description: "What's legal to shoot in Austria doing street photography and where?"---

If you're unsure how to edit this, just don't and well take care of it!


We aim for this site to be international, so if your native language is any other than English, you can translate the content by going to the Github repository and creating a new file in the already existing pattern. So if "" is the base file, for Spanish you'd create: "". The language format is ISO 639-1.

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