This page is initially made by GegenWind Photography and the wonderful community who has helped us so far and hopefully will continue to contribute to the content.

We're Judith and Jonathan from somewhere in Germany, but now living in Copenhagen. If you're coming by, say hi! We can promise we have instant coffee and some chocolate at the very least!

About this Project

Have you ever wondered what the legal situation is for taking street photos, flying your drone or anything else photography related and not only in your home country, but anywhere in the world? We have! That's why we made this site. We love travelling and obviously we don't want to break the law, so we wanted to make our research available to others as well!

We're not lawyers, but we're gathering references, excerpts, summaries and how previous legal cases went in different countries to give photographers a better understanding of what their rights and the rights of people around them are.

You go photography community, you're awesome! We made this website open source, because we want the community to own it. If you contribute, you should be allowed to keep a copy, because you made it better.

If you ever need Photographers in Copenhagen let us know!